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4 steps to get an inspiring wardrobe

Every season many of us face the same challenge. Suddenly you're standing in front of a full wardrobe, with a feeling that you have nothing to wear. This problem can’t be solved by heading out shopping for new clothes – it’s about organizing the clothes you already own. This is our guide on how to make your wardrobe organized and more inspiring.

1. Try on Your Clothes

Instead of saving all the clothes you ever loved, ask yourself which garments you need right now. Try them on and take a picture of each outfit. Go through the pictures and discard all garments that don't look good or feel good.

2. Create 3 Piles

Sort and place all discarded items in three piles. One for second hand, one for charity and one for material recycling.

  • The second hand pile is for clothes that are in good condition. Spruce up the items before selling by steaming, removing loose threads and debobbling. Read more tips on how to sell second hand here.

  • The pile for clothes that you want to donate for charity is meant for clean and nice items that aren’t likely to be sold for more than exchange money, for example, too odd or outdated pieces.

  • The last pile is for very torn or stained clothes that can´t be repaired. Unsellable clothes are of no use for the charities, so don’t donate them. Bring these clothes to the recycling station for material recycling.

3. Clean and Spruce

Take the time to fresh up your clothes while you’re organizing. Wash your worn or dirty clothes, remove lint and pilling from your knits and steam shirts, dresses and blouses. You should feel inspired when you open your wardrobe.

4. Organize

Now it’s time to organize your wardrobe. A great method is to divide your wardrobe into different sections.

Items You Use Every Week

The clothes you wear every week should always be within reach. Place these items on spots that are easy to access. Can’t fit everything? Try our Space Saving Hanger and get extra space in your wardrobe.

Color Code

Sort and group the rest of the clothes by color. This is the fastest and smartest way to create an inspiring feeling in your wardrobe.

Divide Using Boxes

You don’t want to mix different types of garments. You want socks together with socks and so on. Use old boxes to divide your drawers (boxes from Pilo & Cirrus No.2 are perfect) and you will get a better overview of all your clothes.

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