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6 cool materials to wear in the summer

The fabrics our clothes are made of impact how comfortable they are to wear in the summer. In high temperatures many clothes can feel unbearable to wear. We’ve compiled a list of the best materials to wear in hot weather.


Silk is a natural fabric that is very fast drying. Silk garments won’t feel sticky to your body and are cool and airy. The only downside is that garments made of silk can be quite delicate. Curious on how to care for silk? Read our article with care instructions for silk here.


Linen is extremely fast drying and feels pleasantly airy to wear. It’s also a more sustainable choice and has basically never gone out of style. Read more about linen.


Seersucker is another timeless fabric that is pleasant to wear on a hot summer day. It’s a sheer, bubbly cotton fabric that is extremely breathable. Seersucker has been very popular lately, even though it never really gone out of style.

Viscose / Lyocell / Tencel

We have many names for the things we love. Lyocell and Tencel are just different brands for viscose fabric. Viscose is made of wood pulp that has been turned into fabric through a chemical process. Despite not being a traditional natural fabric, it’s still breathable and feels pleasant to wear during the summer.


Hemp is very similar to linen but is often blended with cotton to feel more comfortable. Just like linen, hemp feels cool to the touch, since it has an infallible ability to breathe and hold liquids without feeling damp.

Eco Labeled Cotton

Cotton can be comfortable to wear in the heat. The fabric can retain a lot of liquids that slowly evaporates and makes the garment cooler. A sheer and light cotton fabric is preferred before a thicker and dark one.

What Not to Wear

These are fabrics to directly avoid in the summer heat: Polyester, acrylic and nylon. As a rule, we recommend you stay away from clothes made of synthetics when temperatures are hot. Garments made of synthetics can’t breathe and will make you feel to warm. They will also reek of sweat after wearing them just once.

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