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7 garment care tips while staying at home

Take the time to prepare your wardrobe for spring and summer time.

1. Wash all your woolen sweaters, scarves, cardigans with Delicate Wash. Give them a round with our Pilo Fabric Shaver before putting them away for spring/summer. 

2. Use our Clothing Brush to remove hair from your coats and jackets. Then give them some extra care by using our Pilo Fabric Shaver before putting them away for spring/summer.

3. Get your spring/summer wardrobe out! Steam your jackets, dresses and blouses and refresh them with our Clothing & Shoe Mist.

4. Get your closet ready for spring/summer, reorganize it with the help of our Space Saving Hanger. 

5. Use the Pilo Fabric Shaver on your couch, wool blanket and pillows. It will make them look like new again.  

6. Steam your curtains and use our Clothing & Shoe Mist (works on all kind of fabrics!) to freshen them up.

7. After washing: tumble dry your bedsheets and towels with our Tumble Dryer Balls. This will remove static electricity and soften your laundry.

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