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Which steamer suits your needs?

Our steamers are designed to meet different needs. Explore our full range of steamers and find out which one is the right fit for you.

Iron Steamer

Do you prefer crisp, pressed details? Cirrus 3 is a unique hybrid between a steamer and an iron. In other words, it is a handheld steamer that is equipped with a hot ironing plate that heats up to the equivalent of level one on an iron, so you can achieve both a pressed and a natural look.

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Travel Steamer

Do you want to bring your steamer when you are on the move? Cirrus 2 and Cirrus No.1 are two lightweight handheld steamers that are easy to pack in your travel bag. Cirrus 2 is upgraded with a stainless-steel mouthpiece that ensures better friction between the steamer and the fabric.

Home Steamer 

Do you want to steam many garments in one session? Cumulus is a vertical steamer with a large water tank that saves you the hassle of refilling the water after steaming a few items. If you live in a larger household or regularly steam lots of items, this is the best choice for you.

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Professional Steamer

Do you need to steam textiles in a professional setting? Stratus is the top choice for professionals in the fashion industry. With a large water tank and four steady wheels for easy mobility, it is the perfect steamer to use in a clothing store or backstage at a fashion show.

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