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Home textiles

Finding gentle ways to care for your home textiles is just as important as caring for your clothes. Here are some tricks to keep your curtains and upholstery clean and fresh.

Vacuuming the couch and armchairs should be done in all homes, especially if you have pets. But a less grueling way to get rid of dust from your sofa is by brushing it off with a Clothing Brush. With just a few strokes, dust will disappear from your clothes and furniture. It also works on fabric lampshades. To gently remove surface lint, fuzz, and pet hair from your furniture, our reusable Lint Brush is an effective alternative to a disposable tape roller.
Curtains & tablecloths 
Steaming home textiles such as tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets, and curtains will quickly give your home a clean and fresh feeling. It is also much easier and less time-consuming than washing or ironing your home textiles. When it comes to curtains, simply leave the fabric hanging on the curtain rod while steaming. Use a handheld steamer and gently press the steamer against the fabric for a wrinkle-free and smooth result.
Steam the edges to make the rug lay flat on your floor or to freshen it up in between washes. Our Fabric Shaver is a great tool to use if you want to remove pills and irregularities in the textile fibers. Our Clothing Brush and reusable Lint Brush are your best friends if you have pets in your house or if your carpet is made from a material that sheds. If you get a stain on your carpet, make sure to treat it immediately with Stain Remover and wash it off with a damp cloth.
Blankets & cushions
Pilling is typically found where there is a lot of abrasion on the fabrics, like for instance on armrests, blankets, or cushions. Using a Fabric Shaver to remove pills from your home textiles is an easy way to spruce up your home. Gently sweep the fabric shaver over the fabric and let it shave off the excess fibers and irregularities. Remember to empty the container a few times or the fabric shaver will start to slow down.
Laying down in clean and fresh bed linen could be one of the best feelings ever. How about making it even better by steaming your bed linen and finishing with our Fabric Spray that scents your whole room with a touch of rose and musk. Steaming your pillows and duvet covers will also help remove odors and bacteria in between washes.