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Clothing Brushes

A few strokes with Steamery’s clothing brushes and dust, lint, dirt and hair will come off your clothes. Most useful on fabrics like denim, cotton, outerwear or home textiles.

Lint Brush - Dark Grey Lint Brush - Dark Grey
Lint Brush - Dark Grey
150 kr
Lint Brush - Beige Lint Brush - Beige
Lint Brush - Beige
150 kr
Pocket Brush (vegan) Pocket Brush (vegan)
Pocket Brush (vegan)
150 kr
Clothing Brush (vegan) Clothing Brush (vegan)
Clothing Brush (vegan)
300 kr

Clothing Brushes

Clothing Brushes

Have you gotten hair, dust or dandruff on your clothes? Steamery's effective clothing brushes instantly remove all those things on the textiles so that you keep your suit, coat or jeans fresh. A clothes brush from our range is made of high-quality materials and is developed with a passion for clothing care.

It is easy to use a clothing brush. Whether it is a lint brush or a more traditional brush. Gently brush or roll against the fabric over the desired area. A few simple swipes are all that is needed and your clothes will look nice again. Choose between our clothing brush, lint brush or pocket brush.

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The importance of good clothing care

The more you take care of your clothes, the longer they’ll last. A proper clothes brush that removes dust and hair is better than using a sticky clothes roller with glue on it. This is because the glue can sometimes damage the fabrics. A sticky roller can also leave residues on your clothes which will attract even more dust and hair.

Avoid wear and tear with a good clothes brush

One mistake many people make is washing clothes that have lint and dust on them rather than simply brushing it off. This exposes the clothes to unnecessary tear that will shorten its lifespan. By investing in a really good clothes brush instead of throwing the garments in the washing machine as soon as you discover lint or hair - you avoid the clothes from being unnecessarily harmed. Keep in mind that most of the garments and outerwear we wear are not worn directly against the skin. Therefore, you do not need to wash them as often, you just simply have to brush them once in a while.

Steamerys different clothes brushes

At Steamery you can find the perfect clothes brush for your garments. They come in fine materials that are gentle on the clothes. The clothes brushes are especially suitable for cotton fabrics, home textiles, jeans and outerwear.

  • Lint brush – A more durable and gentle way to brush your clothes. The brush looks like a roller but has no adhesive strip that damages and leaves marks. Works well on dust, lint, dandruff and hairs.
  • Vegan clothing brush – Use our beautiful and effective clothes brush made of vegan materials. Hang it in the hallway so that it is always accessible. This is our biggest brush and it’s made of oak, sisal fiber and cotton.
  • Vegan Pocket brush – Perfect to bring in your bag, cabin luggage or in your pocket. Our pocket brush is vegan and made of oak, sisal fiber and cotton.

Buy your clothes brush at Steamery

At Steamery, we love clothes and are passionate about all garments looking great and feeling fresh for as long as possible. Buy a clothes brush for yourself or as a gift for someone you like. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our clothing brushes.

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