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Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink

Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink

£ 110

Colors: Black | Pink | Grey | Blue

  • Starts fast and easy to use
  • Ideal to bring on travels
  • Great for steaming curtains, bedding pillows, etc

Save time and wash less frequent
Make your clothes smooth and crease-free with Cirrus No.2. As opposed to ironing, steaming goes easy and is totally harmless even to fabrics that can't be ironed. The steam will also remove unfresh odors and dirt stains, and make the fabric thicker and richer in color. Steaming is a sustainable option for washing clothes that only need to be refreshed.

Cirrus No.2 combines the best of two worlds; it's an efficient but easy-to-use steamer and a minimalistic design. The Cirrus No.2 is also the best choice if you want to style curtains, bed linen and other textiles in the home.

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Questions & Answers

  • How long is the cord?+-

    How long is the power cord for the Cirrus No.2 please?

    The cord to our Cirrus No.2 is 2 meters long.

  • How do I steam?+-

    How do I use a steamer? I have never used a steamer before so I would appreciate getting some tips!

    We have a steamer tutorial on how to steam in 5 steps. This tutorial is for both Cirrus and Cirrus No.2.
    Please see our video below [1min 09 sec]
    In the video you will learn the following:

    - How to steam a shirt
    - How to steam from the inside of the garment
    - How to use the heat bag
    - Steam sleeves and collars
    - How to smooth out wrinkles on thicker fabrics and creating a pressed look

  • Can I use the steamer in Singapore?+-

    hi, i'm ordering this product from Singapore, and our plugs/voltage system is the same as the UK system. Will I need to use any adaptors to use this product?

    Yes, you will need a UK-plug. If the voltage is the same as in the EU you will only need the plug.
    This plug is included with our steamer if you order the UK variant.

  • What is the difference between Cirrus No.2 & Cumulus No.3?+-

    Hi, please call you tell me what the difference between this hand steamer and others, e.g. Cumulus steamer is (except or course the size, hanger etc., just in regard to the actual steaming head - is it the same?). Do both work equally well on all types of clothing, or is one e.g. stronger than the other? Many thanks, Jessica

    The difference between the model is mainly the size. Our Cirrus No.2 has a 75 ml water tank that is enough for 6 min of on-demand steam (enough to steam one outfit). It has its front plate in stainless steel – engineered to spread the steam over the fabric. This steamer is perfect if you are in a hurry and need to steam your daily outfit. Also, this steamer is perfect to bring with you on your travels.
    Our Cumulus has a 1,8-liter water tank that is enough for 60 minutes of continuous steam. This steamer is also a little bit stronger which makes it a little faster to steam your clothes. Perfect if you want to steam thicker fabrics like sports-jackets, coatees or a suit. Thanks to the hanger that comes with the steamer you can easily hang your fabric directly on the steamer.

  • What is the difference between Cirrus and Cirrus No.2?+-

    Hi Steamery, could you perhaps tell the difference between the Cirrus Travel Steamer and the Cirrus No.2?


    Both the Cirrus Travel Steamer and the Cirrus No.2 performs well.
    The Cirrus No.2 is the updated version of the Cirrus, with a few upgrades on functionality as well as design:
    Cirrus Travel Steamer:
    Needs regular de-scaling (if you don't use distilled water).
    Has a front plate in plastic.
    7 minutes of continuous steam.
    Cirrus No.2 Steamer:
    Does not require de-scaling. The boiler has a coating which acts as a repellant for scale.
    Has a front head in stainless steel, engineered to spread the steam more evenly on the fabric.
    Smoothens out the wrinkles more efficient.
    Exclusive design with a soft, matte finish and a fancy textile cord.
    6 minutes of continuous steam. 

  • Can I use this product in the US?+-

    Hello! can this product be used in the US? what is the cost of delivery to France (Europe) or to New York (USA)? thanks!

    This product can only be used in the US if you select our US variant. It's only available in black color. It has its plug adjusted for the voltage 110-120. If you need a steamer that is adjusted for 220-240v you need to select our EU-variant. In some countries, you will also need an adapter for the steamer, as in the UK for example.

  • What is the warranty for Cirrus No.2?+-

    hello, would like to know more about the warranty.

    There is one year of warranty on Cirrus No.2.

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