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Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink
Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink

Cirrus No.2 Steamer - Pink

£ 110

Colors: Black | Pink | Grey | Blue  | Mint 

Design Hand Steamer for Your Home and Travelling
The Cirrus No.2 hand steamer is our bestselling product. It’s efficient, easy to use at home and easy to bring on a weekend- or a business trip. The steamer works on all kinds of fabrics, from the most delicate silk to the sturdiest linen. Your clothes get smooth and wrinkle free. The steam also eliminates bad odors and shallow dirt. Save time and reduce the amount of unnecessary laundering with our Cirrus No.2 Steamer.

  • Heats up fast, only 25 seconds
  • Heat Protection Bag included
  • Exquisite design, small and easy to use
  • Ideal for traveling, weighs only 0.5 kg (1,1 lb.)
  • Ultimate for steaming other textiles, like curtains, bedlinen, pillows etc. 


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Questions & Answers

  • What is the difference between Cirrus No.2 & Cumulus No.3?+-

    Hi, please call you tell me what the difference between this hand steamer and others, e.g. Cumulus steamer is (except or course the size, hanger etc., just in regard to the actual steaming head - is it the same?). Do both work equally well on all types of clothing, or is one e.g. stronger than the other? Many thanks, Jessica

    The difference between the model is mainly the size. Our Cirrus No.2 has a 75 ml water tank that is enough for 6 min of on-demand steam (enough to steam one outfit). It has its front plate in stainless steel – engineered to spread the steam over the fabric. This steamer is perfect if you are in a hurry and need to steam your daily outfit. Also, this steamer is perfect to bring with you on your travels.
    Our Cumulus has a 1,8-liter water tank that is enough for 60 minutes of continuous steam. This steamer is also a little bit stronger which makes it a little faster to steam your clothes. Perfect if you want to steam thicker fabrics like sports-jackets, coatees or a suit. Thanks to the hanger that comes with the steamer you can easily hang your fabric directly on the steamer.

  • Can I use Cirrus No.2 or Cirrus Travel Steamer in the US?+-

    Hello! can this product be used in the US? what is the cost of delivery to France (Europe) or to New York (USA)? thanks!

    This product can only be used in the US if you select our US variant. It's only available in black color. It has its plug adjusted for the voltage 110-120. If you need a steamer that is adjusted for 220-240v you need to select our EU-variant. In some countries, you will also need an adapter for the steamer, as in the UK for example.

  • How many grams/minute of steam is it in Cirrus No.2?+-

    Hello, how much is the steamflow of this device?

    Our Cirrus No.2 has a 15-20 gram steam per minute. The Cirrus No.2 is producing a dry, efficient steam. The steam head is also designed to spread the steam as evenly as possible.

  • How do I steam?+-

    How do I use a steamer? I have never used a steamer before so I would appreciate getting some tips!

    We have a steamer tutorial on how to steam in 5 steps. This tutorial is for both Cirrus and Cirrus No.2.
    Please see our video below [1min 09 sec]
    In the video you will learn the following:

    - How to steam a shirt
    - How to steam from the inside of the garment
    - How to use the heat bag
    - Steam sleeves and collars
    - How to smooth out wrinkles on thicker fabrics and creating a pressed look

  • How long is the cord?+-

    How long is the power cord for the Cirrus No.2 please?

    The power cord on our Cirrus No.2 is 2 meters.

  • De-ionized or distilled water?+-

    Can you use de-ionised water or ironing water in this steamer or is it distilled water only?

    If needed, you should use distilled water and not de-ionized water. If you use de-ionized water you will damage the steamer. We sell distilled water here. 
    Regular tap water also works, as long as you don't live in an area with hard water quality.

  • Can I use it on bedding and upholstery?+-

    Can I use Cirrus No.2 on bedding and upholstery?

    Of course! Cirrus No.2 is great if you want to steam home textiles. (A lot of interior decorators use it to style furniture and textiles for photo shoots etc.) Don't use it on leather furniture though. 
    Best Sophia

  • What temperature is the steam?+-

    Hi there! What temperature is the steam for your steamer? Thank you & have a great day!

    In our hand steamers, the temperature it's 96°C, in Cumulus No.3 and in Stratus No.2 it's 99°C.

  • Order steamer with different plugs?+-

    I am wanting to quote 3 of the Cirrus 2 hand held steamers to my customer but require european 2 pin plugs. Are we able to order ex tax as we have a VAT number?

    Thank you for your question. If you have a valid VAT-nr you can place an order excluding tax.
    To order a steamer with a different plug, place the order as per usual but also do this:
    1. In the checkout-form, write a note explaining you want 2 steamers with an EU-plug.
    2. Email and include the order-id (this you find in your confirmation email) and let us know you want two steamers with EU-plug and one with U.S-plug.

  • Is it harmful to use deionized water?+-

    Hi, I'd like to know why is it harmful to use deionised (demineralised) water for the steamer?

    Hi Marty,
    It's not directly harmful to use deionized water in your hand-steamer. However, deionized is not the same as distilled.
    Deionized: Is exactly what the name indicates, water free of ions. There can still be organic residue in deionized water, like limescale.
    Distilled water: Is completely free of ions AND organic residues, like minerals and limescale.
    This means that deionized water can still contain limescale. Residues of limescale can build up inside the steamer over time, causing it to malfunction.

  • Steamer for the US?+-

    Which Cirrcus No. 2 should I purchase if I want to use it in the U.S.?

    You can choose between black, pink or blue Cirrus No.2. Some colors might be out stock temporarily, but these are the colors we carry for the U.S market. Make sure you get the one with U.S-plug. Email us on if you need help buying with the right plug.
    Best regards,

  • What is the warranty for Cirrus No.2?+-

    hello, would like to know more about the warranty.

    There is one year of warranty on Cirrus No.2.

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