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Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black
Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black

Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer - Black

£ 230

  • Steam the whole family's laundry without refilling water
  • Great for both thick and sheer fabrics
  • Professional steamer for home-use

Best selling home steamer
The iron has made people's life complicated since 1882. 135 years later we finally have an easier option: The Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer. This is our most popular steamer for everyday use. All you need to do is hang the garment on the spinnable rod, and then you can start to steam and see how wrinkles and creases disappear. It only takes 40 seconds to heat up and the water-tank is large enough for you to steam a week's worth of laundry. It has never been easier to get crease-free and fresh clothes.

The Cumulus No.3 has many finesses that you would only find in professional steamers. But the design is still minimalistic and neat, which makes it ideal for home use. It’s like a practical station wagon but with an engine from Ferrari.

Make your clothes last longer by steaming them after use instead of washing. Clothes that are excessively washed lose both shape and color. Garments we call worn-out is most often washed-out. The steam causes the textile fibers to swell and regain their natural shape. You can steam almost any fabric (except leather and suede), and therefore you can steam even the clothes that can't be ironed. Steaming is like airing on fast-forward: it removes unfresh odors and kills some bacterias.

Steamed clothes become:
  • Wrinkle-free and soft
  • Fresh: the steam removes dust and some bacterias
  • Matte (as compared to an iron which makes the fabric shiny)


Questions & Answers

  • Does Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer work in the US?+-

    Does it work great in the United States what conversion do we need for power?

    This model will unfortunately not work in the US. This because the plug for the steamer is adjusted for the voltage 220-240. This steamer will not work with a converter for the US.
    Our smaller version Cirrus No.2, in black comes with a plug adjusted for 110-120v that you can use in the US.

  • What is the difference between Cirrus No.2 & Cumulus No.3?+-

    Hi, please call you tell me what the difference between this hand steamer and others, e.g. Cumulus steamer is (except or course the size, hanger etc., just in regard to the actual steaming head - is it the same?). Do both work equally well on all types of clothing, or is one e.g. stronger than the other? Many thanks, Jessica

    The difference between the model is mainly the size. Our Cirrus No.2 has a 75 ml water tank that is enough for 6 min of on-demand steam (enough to steam one outfit). It has its front plate in stainless steel – engineered to spread the steam over the fabric. This steamer is perfect if you are in a hurry and need to steam your daily outfit. Also, this steamer is perfect to bring with you on your travels.
    Our Cumulus has a 1,8-liter water tank that is enough for 60 minutes of continuous steam. This steamer is also a little bit stronger which makes it a little faster to steam your clothes. Perfect if you want to steam thicker fabrics like sports-jackets, coatees or a suit. Thanks to the hanger that comes with the steamer you can easily hang your fabric directly on the steamer.

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