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Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey

Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey

£ 40

Colors: Black | Pink | Grey | Blue

  • The perfect tool for giving your woolly sweaters a longer life.
  • Powerful lint shaver that is gentle on the fabrics.
  • Charged with USB, no batteries needed.

Tired of clothes full of lints and ruined woolly sweaters? Try Pilo Fabric Shaver, a lint shaver above the ordinary.

It may look cute, but it is really quite the machine. It's twice as powerful as regular lint shavers, but gentle on the fabrics. Use the Pilo on any fabric, and especially wool like cashmere, merino or alpaca. Charged with USB, no batteries needed.  Can be used worldwide.

  • Auto Power Off: When removing the aluminum razor cover
  • USB charging (included USB cord)
  • Battery charging time: 5 hours
  • Operation: 50 minutes of continuous fabric removing
  • Need more? Check our packs of 12 Pilo Fabric Shaver here. Email us on if you are interested in wholeselling Steamery’s product


  • Shipped from Sweden. You are responsible from possible custom expenses
  • Origin: China
  • Certificates: CE/RoHS
  • Model: Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Power Voltage and Frequency: 100-240V/50/60Hz
  • Can be used worldwide.
  • Power: 5 W
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Questions & Answers

  • How long before the Pilo is fully charged?+-

    I recently bought a pilo fabric shaver. hoe long do it take to charge?

    Five hours of charging is enough for the battery to reach maximum capacity (50 min).
    However, if there's lints or pill left in the machine it will not start even if it's fully charged. Here's a tutorial of how to clean it if it's necessary:

  • Can I replace the blades in Pilo?+-

    Is it possible to replace the blades when they become blunt? If so, where can I buy blades and how much do they cost?

    Hi J,
    At the moment we don't sell replacement blades. But it's a really good idea, and we will investigate the possibility.
    Best regards,

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