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 Offer: Cirrus No.2 Blue, Pilo Fabric Shaver Blue, Clothing Mist & Shoe Mist

Offer: Cirrus No.2 Blue, Pilo Fabric Shaver Blue, Clothing Mist & Shoe Mist

£ 136

Going on holiday?
Don't miss our exclusive summer offer, a real lifesaver for your vacation outfits.

OFFER: The Clothing mist and Shoe mist has a Swedish label.
Buy Cirrus No.2 Blue + Pilo Fabric Shaver Blue and get a Shoe Mist & a Clothing Mist from Pure Effect for free – save € 50.

Cirrus No.2  is your perfect travel companion; fits your hand luggage easily and rescues your travel outfit from creases.
The Pilo is gentle and works on all kinds of woolen fabrics, like cashmere, merino, and alpaca etc.
Pure Effect Clothing Mist is a Swedish invention and consists of active bacteria that neutralizes bad smell on all sorts of garments and textiles. Pure Effect Shoe Mist keeps your shoes fresh the whole summer.

The offer is valid subject to availability.

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