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 Steamery's Clothing Brush
 Steamery's Clothing Brush
 Steamery's Clothing Brush

Steamery's Clothing Brush

£ 30

Durable Clothing Brush That Refreshes Your Clothes
Steamery’s pearwood clothing brush is a remarkable tool that gently removes dust, hairs, fur, and dirt from your clothes. A brush is far gentler than a regular garment roller made of plastic and sticky tape. The brush is a gentle and effective dust remover, it may be used on nearly all materials and will refresh your clothes instantly. Our clothing brush is constructed to last for a very long time; it is really a must if you like to care for your clothes in the best possible way.

  • Sustainable option to a lint roller
  • Works on delicate fabrics
  • Brush of filth from jeans
  • Remove dust from lampshades
  • Get rid of fuzz from cashmere jumpers
  • Brush off the dirt from coats and jackets
  • Brush off hairs, fur, and dust from wool coats

  • Bristle: Boar and horse
    Handle: Pearwood

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